K'UMPA Market Statistics

Today, statistics were added to the developer console of Android Market. For K’UMPA they look like this (click for full size):

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Additional free levels in K'UMPA 1.3

With the just released update of K’UMPA, you get the previously available levelpack for free! We switched to an ad-based model, so you do not need to spend US$ 1.79 (or € 1,29) on an additional download to play all the levels. The entire map of Qusqu is playable. There are new fields and creatures to explore, so give it a try!

Also, K’UMPA should work fine on tablets now: some issues with the game menu and settings could been resolved.

This list summarizes the improvements of K’UMPA 1.3:

  • Includes all levels previously available as an additional download (US $ 1.79 value)
  • Tablets are supported
  • Improved physics
  • Rating for levels, which will allow us to improve levels later.
  • Fixes, optimized memory management

Update 1.3.1: Fixed flipped Y axis on XOOM. New options menu to share, rate, …

Beta Test starting for K'UMPA 1.3

Shortly we will release the next version in the Android Market. You can download our release candidate here:


This is the first version, which should fully support tablets. Please give us some feedback, especially if you own a tablet. We could not test on many tablets yet, because the newer ones are not yet available in Germany.

Adjustments for Samsung Galaxy Tab needed

At the IFA in Berlin, I could try K’UMPA on the upcoming Galaxy Tab from Samsung. While the game itself runs very well, we have to make some adjustments at the title screen, the menu and help screens to the new screen size.

droid does K’UMPA

We just released an update for K’UMPA to the Android Market, which renders correctly with high resolution devices like the Motorola droid and Milestone. In fact, all available screen resolutions are supported now, including small screens devices like the HTC Tattoo. The new version includes improved sounds, and a new error reporting tool. K’UMPA V1.1 is available for free in the Android Market.

K'UMPA 1.1 ready for testing

The next K’UMPA update will be released in the Android Market shortly. You can download the sneak preview version here: http://kumpa-game.com/Kumpa.apk

Update: K’UMPA 1.1 is already available in the Android Market!

K’UMPA Game Video uploaded

ADC2: K’UMPA in the Casual Games Top 10

The results of Android Developer Challenge 2 are in: congratulations to all the winners! K’UMPA did not win a price, but made it in the top 10 of the casual games category. Thanks for everyone who voted for K’UMPA.

Hotfix released, droid version is next

If you downloaded K’UMPA before November, 27th, the game will quit after showing “This test version has exired.” Please update to the current version 1.0.1, which fixes this issue. The expiration was a relict from early test version, and has been removed completely now. Sorry for this inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

Currently, we are working on supporting droid and Motorola’s Milestone. Although K’UMPA was designed to handle a variety of screen sizes, some specific Android OS mechanisms require us to make some adjustments. It should not take long, so please check back soon if you are looking for a droid version of K’UMPA.

ADC2: K'UMPA is a Top 20 Casual Game

K’UMPA was selected by Android users as one of the top 20 casual games in the first round of the Android Developer Challenge 2. We are very excited about this and we hope K’UMPA makes it into the Top 3. In the second round of ADC2, 40 % of the score will come again from the ADC2 judging app, which users can download. This time however, 60% will come from Google-selected judges. So, keep your fingers crossed for K’UMPA.

If you want to learn more about K’UMPA, just download it from the Market (it’s free) or have a look at some screenshots. We’ll also add more content to the web site soon.